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Evans Tree Service is dedicated to offering a diverse list of services to keep your property looking beautiful, your trees healthy, and your home safe. 


Tree Trimming

Proper trimming prevents failure to the branches while also ensuring the overall health and longevity of your trees.


Hazard Tree Removal

Tree Felling is the perfect solution for trees that are posing a risk to your home or property. Our skilled arborists are able to safely drop and remove hazardous trees while protecting your assets!


Tree Climbing

When you have trees with limited access, professional tree climbers are able to efficiently care for the tree without large equipment.  Each of our climbers has been trained and properly protected to safely care for your trees.


Tree Risk Assessment

Caring for your trees can be difficult without prior knowledge. Our arborists provide professional and thorough assessments, along with recommendations to keep your trees healthy before they become a risk.



Lot Clearning

If you are preparing to build a home or extend your current property, our team can clear the area needed along with removing logs, stumps, and branches leaving you with a clean slate! 

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Brush Removal

If you have a brush pile laying around, let us do the hardwork! Our team is capable of removing large amounts of brush and debris leaving your yard looking great! 

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Shrub & Hedge Trimming

Impress all your neighbors, routine trimming provides perfectly shaped hedges and shrubs!


Stump Grinding

Whether you have a freshly cut tree or a stump that has been hanging out for awhile, our stump grinder will easily and professional remove the stump!

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Fire Fuel Reduction

Protect your home by completing a professional Fire Fuel Reduction! Our team of professionals are able to assess any possible dangers and offer solutions to protect your home and property.

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